April 27, 2010

Whale Balloon

Whale Balloon
(collage and pencil drawing with digital background)

I am playing around with a new style that I have come across and liked very much. The whale reference image is borrowed but unfortunatelly I forgot to mark from where. I apologize.


  1. Well the new style is superb. Ca you tell me what are the stylistic elemnts that make it new for you please?

  2. By the way have you seen http://zero2illo.ning.com/

    might be worthwhile joining?

  3. Well, I am usually much more uptight and much more conscious than this piece for instance.

    I usually do not tell an epic "story" with my pics - I am not really good at it, although I like this one very much. My other works can either be interpreted in a lot of ways (just like yours BTW) - partly because they are fragmented (not like yours), or they are very conceptual (streightforward) ones. I almost always include some kind of typography or typograpy-like feature (mainly in the smaller pieces), this doesn't have any. I love computer graphics but also love the real "dirty with paint" hands - and generally I do not like to mix the two too much (never on the big canvases); if I do, it is aimed at the main motif usually - in this case it was just the background and the texturizing. What else? Oh, yes. I am really, really, really, REALLY not an illustrator for children's stuff (although have a permanent longing for being one), I am as far from it as it can be (do not misunderstand me it is merely my disposition, nothing more, nothing less) - and this one IS definitely a children's art. And what is surprising to me, I did enjoy working on it - working without the burden of digging down in my psyche. I needed this break and am planning to do this time to time.

    You know I tell you this always (almost always), that I really love your black humor (even if you don't intend it to be black - have no clue, I am just guessing). And am very envious of it (kind of joking here), but seriously, whenever I start a piece I always intend to include some kind of irony or humor (the black side of them), but as I am progressing and going deeper and deeper the light(er) side of me is being lost. I am not complaining, just telling things factually. And in this piece for instance there is some of that irony left and I am very happy and surprised at it.

    Sorry for the long reply; it is partly because your question was interesting to me (I needed to thing over this different style anyway), partly because I need to start on an essay for my Lit Criticism class and am trying to warm up :D

    Thanks for your visit here.

  4. Sorry for the mispellings in the previous one; it is late here.

    That link seems intriguing - will check it out tomorrow afternoon, thanks for calling my attention to it.

  5. Hya Kinga, thanks for the long reply. I am liking this new style and it's good because it does tell a story and it does have a lot of interest happening in it. I think it would be good if youi went down several paths, perhaps?

    I know what you mean about black. I used to write a kids story where the kid did this and that and was having fun, then they went outside and got run over by a big truck, And that was the end of the story in Chapter two :)

    see you