July 11, 2010

Illustration Friday: Diary

Art Journal July 9, 2010
(graphite, colored pencils and pen - illustration friday)

Well. I am well aware that the topic itself was "Diary", and I have toyed with several ideas in connection with it, but in the end I am just posting a recent page of my everyday Art Journal (presently a Moleskine). It was created on the way to my in-laws in the car, just for fun and to kill the time. Kinda zombie woman or what.


  1. Kinga! I loved this design!
    the face is very good lines, color and strength;
    and letters [types] so in waves, perfectly match ...
    There is nothing quick sketch; is great!

    really the disappearance of the comments was chaos this week ... but it now took

    congrats and hugs dear Kinga :D

  2. This is really cool, love the colours and the movement of the words.

  3. Excellent!I really, really like this!

  4. Oh Janne is wrong. I don't like this at all. I think it is trashy and the girl looks like a Zombie....

    Heh. Just kidding. I am enamoured with the lettering design you know. And it amazes me you got away with all those gaudy colours - and they became harmonious and tasteful ;)

  5. This is really great!

  6. Oh, thanks everyone!

    Yeah, they are gaudy colors and all - but hey, it IS my art journal and generally I use it to loosen up and just let it go :D Maybe I am really like this, like my journal, haha, gaudy and zombie just I keep it in secret - damned, now the secret is out :D