July 5, 2010


I have gotten emails on 3 new comments of this blog but for the life of me I do not understand where they are or where they have disappeared in the blog (i.e. why aren't they showing up as usual, among the comments below). I do not moderate comments, etc. It might just be a short-term blogger melt down, however, I wanted to let you know that it was not me, I swear.

It is annoying and hasn't happened so far.

UPDATE (a day later): the blog still does not show the new comments. I apologize - but no clue what to do.

UPDATE 2: it seems to me blogger en bloc is experiencing this problem (not just me). A whole lot of blogs have the same problem. I reported it (there is a whole section now as well as a separate form for this concrete issue). We'll see.

UPDATE 3: it is about noon, July 7, and it seems to me blogger at last recovered.***

***except for Andrew. He is hated by blogger.


  1. the same thing happened in my blog :/

  2. Oh oh. Yes my comment has vanished from the last post. It's a beaut work one of your bestest. I think the soviets are targetting your blog :)

  3. Andrew: yeah, I have read your first comment as it's arrived in my mailbox as a notification. Tried to reply but it did not show up :(

    Thanks for your nice words; have to tell you I like this piece of mine too, very much; have had a kinda drawing block for a while and this time I just forced myself to go ahead and produce something, anything - the IF topic seemed intriguing - or at least interpretable (if there is such a word) - this time (not like the extremely boring and unimaginative last two). Anyway, yeah, I guess it is good.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Andrew 2.: (forgot something)

    Yeah, the "soviets" are used to watching me by now; they started sometime in the 80s - although it was carried out by their Hungarian secret police counterparts.

    What can I say. It is not very pleasant to spend a night in a prison cell for a demonstration.

    So this time I am taking my revenge - and boy, am I taking it much much much more elegantly.

  5. Hey so blogger hates me? heh.

    I'm sorry you spent time in jail. At least you are here still! We would miss you if you weren't. Now there's an oxymoron.

    I think your revenge is sweet.

    A friend of mine goes to Palestine and riots with the locals against the Isralie settlers. He is brave. he has been shot in the backside there. he too is an artist. he tells me about the palestinian artist who became so famous that he was shot in London.

    I have no politics because I am not brave.!!

    Being hated by blogger is bad enough :)


  6. Andrew: oh, it was not "jail" (I might not have been clear, sorry). It was just a "warning". One night here, another one there. Nothing physical, pure psychological terror. (As for me, it was one night effectively after a peaceful demonstration on our national holiday to let me know they are watching us - me - 24/7). With hundreds of others.

    At that time I was living (and studying) in a community where the heads of the underground political activities were everyday visitors and we had meeting with them, they gave us lots of samizdats to read, etc. It opened my eyes. (And incidentally it was one of the most elite educational environments in Hungary - the present PM belonged there too; part of the University of Economics and a Law School). So naturally we were in the focus of the secret police. I was not even "active" or "brave". But at that time it did not count.

    Anyhow, sorry for the long reply - it was interesting to remember those times, about 25+ years ago.