May 29, 2010

The Snail Fairy

The snail fairy
(digital collage)

Fairy stock from here.


  1. oooh i love how this has a lot of curves and overall look, very graceful. the fairy makes it very pretty too!

  2. This collage is wonderful!
    so well done... [one challenger]
    kisses ;)

  3. WOW! this illustration is PERFECT! owwwwwwwwwwwwww... i love it i love it... ♥

  4. FLOATING FANTASIAAA!! Sorry, I hope I wasn't too loud? Did I wake up anyone? :))

    Ok, hushing up now... I think I'm all smitten with your work, Kinga. Always so surprising, aren't you? I look at this and I have a longing to open up a door to go inside. Don't mind me, I'm weird. :))

  5. "Artistic interpretations always amaze me", such as?

  6. i forgot, about your comment, no dont worry you dont necessarily have to recognize Lynch in it.

    it isnt Merrick nor about his story.
    has nothing to do with the film let alone the director.
    ive always loved the idea of the elephant man (of Lynch) so i thought i needed to write something like "inspired by blablabla, directed by i-dont-really-care", can i? no? yes?

  7. Phew. I am on vacation at last, semester is over, hurray. Sorry for not replying to you guys sooner.

    Thanks for visiting, everyone; I am trying to play the catch-up game (without the hot dog, haha).

    Sarah: oh, I haven't even noticed the curvy-ness of it, but it is so true! I guess Freud would say something about the supressed that finds it way out now and then :D

    Denise: kisses back, hopefully they are not going to disappear over the ocean... hm... you have just gotten me an idea to draw...

    amba: thanks!!!

    Amalia: do not worry, András (the 8-year-old) is a very deep sleeper in this house :D no, it was not loud at all... oh, and I love weird people [I wonder, why... ;)]

    lakhsmita indira: artistic interpratation: the way artistst interpret the world around them, including other artist's works.