May 11, 2010

With Flying Colors

With Flying Colors
(pencil drawing with digital background)


  1. Hi Kinga. The textures in your works are amazing. I like how they seem very surreal. And thks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. Greetings Kinga :)

    Well, while you're hot, you're hot, if you pardon the expression. I like how your head is coming up with these concepts. Plus the twin props, the tail on the man, the strange trailing shapes.

    I think maybe the sky should be tonal greys and the flying bits slightly tinted?

    I don't know.
    I can't even tell you what I had for breakfast, so don't listen to me :)

    Todays word is upultsa

  3. Sarah, Andrew: thanks!

    Andrew: yeah, I was wondering about the colored thingies...

    Hot or not hot, it was a "was" or partly, I am starting to cool down or at least need a break from this (well, kind of a break; these demonic images are with me no matter what).

    OK, I pardon your expression, if you enlighten me about the word of the day. Otherwise I am going to give you Hungarian swear words in return :D

  4. Well, your partner must be very considerate letting you do so much work.

    I have dreams about mine. :) UGH Quite often my head isn't where I am at the moment, it's in some far away 3d place, while my body is having it's breakfast or watching the birds in the trees

    "Upultsa'? That's what the dentist says when that tooth of yours he is pulling finally comes out.

    As in ;The dentist pulled and pulled and pulled; then finally, with a great shout of "Upultsa", he yanked the tooth from the bloody mouth of the poor, unsuspecting little Mary Boganhoven, mother of three and a still born.

    He carried the tooth over to the fire, and with another great shout of "Upultsa!", threw the tooth into the still smouldering ashes, so that in sizzled and sparked and squelched till the fresh blood had steamed away.


    Okay, I'm ready for the swearword now . :)

    see you