May 9, 2010

Fearless 2.

Fearless Ageing
(digital variation of a pencil drawing - illustration friday)


  1. wow did this just appear. I really like this style, am loving the birds nest hair heh:) What a crackup.

    Good use of those mechanical bits up the top - steam engine regulator thingies?

    I like how your style is going. In this case I prefer the crispness of the first image by a smidgin.

    Hey, you were one of the possible contestants as the witch over on my blog. No-one picked you as a look alike - which is nice. :)

    chow :)

  2. Jeezuskrist, Andrew, do not ask me about the mechanical parts, don't have the slightest idea! I am just drawing them :D But I surely like the look of these pipes and whatnots.
    More to come in this field!

    I am getting darker and darker. Hm. Maybe I need to draw a nice smiling, fluffy, cuddly big-eye kitty next time to compensate...? Just kidding.

  3. Anonymous17:37

    Ja, qué divertido, ja

  4. I like your style. it's very original and subtle. Fairytale-like :)

  5. Ah, so you've been playing around with this? Yes, yes, I love the way you made it look more rustic... so very YOU! :))

  6. Amalia: thanks! Now I am sorry that I haven't submitted this version to IF; although Andrew is right, the other has a crisper look.