May 18, 2010

...till death do us apart...

...till death do us apart...
(pencil drawing and collage on an accounting sheet)

The story is similar to my Face-off. I have found an old ink jet print of a 19th century photograph in one of my old folders. It is approximately twice as big as the original picture, and was printed on cardstock. I seem to be obsessed with spilling liguid as this one has gotten some too. And the spots were so beautiful and discolored that I had to integrate them into the final drawing.

I evidently cannot get rid of my flying stuff, but I really do not mind it...

Appr. 8" x 16".


  1. Kinga, very good work!
    I also love stains and old papers, are naturally expressive!
    and here you had a happy mix ... congratulations! :)

  2. Hello Kinga, that bottom image is weird - I like it :) must say something about me :)

    How about chucking (throwing) some ink on the skull - digitally?

    see you

  3. Denise: thanks! Really, got so excited about this naturally stained stuff.

  4. Andrew: no way! The skull is perfect as it is :D

    But (more) seriously: I tried to do things with it in the digital world but in the end I always got back to the original one, without any "embelishment". Sometimes I need to take a little break from the comp, I guess...

  5. Kinga,
    old papers are great for waking up a great work within us!
    I liked your work! They are very creative!
    Greetings :)