June 23, 2010

Art Triennale Poster

Poster design
(computer graphics - Photoshop)


  1. I have spent a good deal of my morning scrolling through your blog. Very interesting. You are very eclectic. So many styles and concepts. I have seen you at Andrew's. I thought I'd say hello. So "hello".

  2. Ces: thanks. To simplify matters I just suppose "eclectic" is used here as a positive descriptive word, although I do not think of myself as "eclectic"; rather in the line of variatio delectat, as the Latin saying goes. I am a graphic designer (as well as a few other things according to my several degrees, haha), and as such, I need to be open to and able to operate in different approaches, techniques and subjects. I am really happy to be capable of this (as well as to be able to really draw - which I consider to be one of the most important skills for an artist - unfortunately it does not seem to be so evident outside Europe as far as I experienced). So in this sense maybe eclectic IS really a positive adjective.

    Thanks for visiting and hello to you too.

  3. this poster is fantastic :) and I love the conceptual dimention in your work. for me, that is very important,

  4. amba: thanks a bunch and yes yes yes; cannot agree more: concept is THE most important in my way of artistic thinking. It is so great when I come across a similar thinking artist!