June 22, 2010


(computer graphics - Photoshop)


  1. Haha awesome title and character! BTW the colors are just WOW.

  2. Sarah: thanks! The character is inspired by a pamphlet from the Middle Ages.

    The brightness of the colors is partly achieved by applying a certain blending mode on the paint layers (color burn - which I love to use in my digital paintings).

  3. Ahh giving away your secrets?
    We used to have a Brughel copy in my primary school where the gentleman's member had originally been quite grand - and it was painted over I believe.

    Nice work, but I already said that on zero 2:)

  4. I liked this character so intriguing!
    the design and colors are awesome!
    and the above poster is very cool too! a hug!

  5. Andrew: secrets...? Now. If I am getting into analyzing what exactly you could mean by this... well. I could go into the "what I am hiding under my robe" direction. Or: "what I am hiding in my subconscious desires" direction. Or: "is it in my symbolic order or already in my real order (a la Lacan)" direction.

    Hmmmm.... I think I do not need this... I am already having nightmares now and then... :D

    (More) seriously though, yeah, I know I am too "explicit" for the Anglo-Saxon taste :D but can't help it, I am from Central-Europe, we are on the other end of the prudish scale...

    When I presented my work this year to my prof (an extra course just for fun, just to spend some time in the college studio as well), she said it was absolutely fantastic but she would not recommend it to suggest in the Boise Bi-Annual, hehe. If I am getting around I will take a pic on it and put it on this blog. It will prove that I do have some obsession about... how did you call it...? "the gentleman's member"...

    To leave you for today with another enigmatic statement of mine, here is a good one:

    "Nothing is a coincidence though."

  6. Denise: thanks! I ended up loving it too, and yes, part of my liking is connected to the colors. (Thank you, thank you, my god, the omnipotent Photoshop, thank you... :D)

  7. Heh, no I just meant your digital imagery secrets . But now you come to mention it, the other ones sound interesting.

    Yes, we anglo saxons are such prudes. But I think the internet will cure us of that eventually! :)