June 30, 2010

In Context

In Context
(pencil drawing and collage with digital background)

I am not very happy with the result: the statement is weak and pretty commonplace-y. I have had a relatively large pencil drawing (the person in the roots) for months and been waiting for the Real Thought to finish the trunk. Well, I just lost my patience and finished it a couple of hours ago. The digital background helped it a bit, and who knows, it might end up as a totally different image in the future...


  1. well I especially like the context and the roots! It's a good image in that it makes one think. Maybe a forest of contextual trees as an extrapolation?

    Yes the roots are good - kind of searching roots.

    Hmm, now where did I leave my 1.25 haiku?
    Ahh, there its is, over near the piano ... :)

  2. igazán nagyszerűek a munkáid--gratulálok hozzájuk...örülök,hogy idetaláltam...

  3. Andrew: your n haiku (n>3.14 pumpkin Pi) are music to my ear. Sometimes piano music.

    Just to keep everything in context.

  4. jazza: óóóóó, köszönöm! Milyen kicsi a világ (az internet) jól meg is lepődtem a magyar hangon - mert már régen járt erre magyar olvasó, szóval nagyon megörültem.

  5. I really enjoyed this work,
    is great and to think ...
    I had a phase where I drew many dry trees and roots, they are familiar to me; and the solution with the background was amazing!
    learn a lot from you! cool!