June 29, 2010

Need To Let It Go (Ode To A City)

Ode To A City (Need To Let It Go)
(pencil drawing, collage, little Photoshop)


  1. very beautiful and meaningful ...
    design and treatment is perfect!
    congrats :)

  2. Heya Kinga

    wonderful, spiritual, I really like this one. That sense of something being drawn out of the body. Blissful look on the face and body language. :)

  3. Denise: thanks! I was kind of stuck as of what exactly I wanted to "burst out" of his chest, but in the end I came to like this solution.

    Andrew: oh, thank you very much! It is spiritual, for me at least for sure; it is very very very hard for me to tear my roots out of Budapest (where I am from).

    But I need to.