June 12, 2010

Illustration Friday: Ripples (The Oil Spill)

The Oil Spill (Ripples)
(digital art, purely Photoshop
- illustration friday)

A bit fucked up, but I did not have time and energy to correct it.

The illustration was made with the help of two tutorials.


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  2. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! and what colors!
    Congratulations on the dedication and persistence ...
    it was worth every minute!

  3. Beautiful Artwork!

  4. It's fantastic how can you use digital media to draw! saludos

  5. I don't see any problems with this. Very strong image. Well done.

  6. Denise: you are sooo nice!!! It was actually much easier than the Cybug :D

    JNESS: oh, thank you!

    amba: thanks - I am not that good in photomanip, but intending to get much much better... that's why I am forcing myself to learn a lot of new techniques, like in this pic.

    Knitting Painter Woman: thank you so much! There is some perspective problem with it - if you look at the eggshell on the left and compare the baseline to the middle piece it should not be behind the main motif (according to the baseline). But by the time I noticed it it would have been too complicated to change everything that goes on there; there are more than 100 layers in this piece, and that simple looking eggshell has a whole bunch too.

  7. Thank you for looking at MY page! You exactly understood what I was trying to express. Yesterday in the NY Times there was another example: Blown glass versions of fatal viruses... beautiful as art and deadly in life.
    Thank you.

  8. Hya Kinga, I love how you say a bit 'fucked up' what a crackup. It's awonderful imag, lots of cerevral stuff.

    I think some vicious cropping? And the black of the birds is very black. What abour a grunge brush set to 'clear' - would take some of the blac out - and set the birs into the piece better

    wonderfull resonance in the egg

    sorry been away for a while so no visits

  9. Andrew: the whole situation is very black :(

    Thanks for the advice, it is done now and mailed to the buyer. I made the printed image a tad lighter though, indeed.

    I did not want to use anything "grunge" as it is a very "clean" comp. The fucked-up description refers to its perspective; if you read one of my comments above you'll see why it is impossible perspectively.

  10. Hya Kinga, sorry to give a crit when it was not asked for. My bad!!!

  11. Andrew: geez, please do not apologize; I should as I might have sounded cranky (no offense was intended, pinky promise). I always criticize your work anyway :D (But I love them!)